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In the 1980's our current location was a vacant masonry building without a roof. It was a solid structure so it caught the eye of Father and Son business partners Gerald and Gregory Hoke, owners of Hoke Properties. The original plan was to fix up the building and turn it into rentable storage units. During that time, Gerald was good friends with the owner of a beer distributor on Union Deposit road in Harrisburg. At the same time Hoke Properties was considering what to do with this empty shell of a building, the beer distributor in Union Deposit decided to sell their retail beer distribution license. Because Gerry was friends with the owner, he was offered to buy the license. It was then decided in August 1988 that Gerald and Gregory Hoke would open the beer distributor with Gerald's wife, Jean Hoke as President.

It was quite a learning experience for everyone. We had no background operating a beer distributor so it was through trial and error we grew to what we have become today. We are proud to run a clean, friendly, and well stocked beverage store. Thank you to our past and present customers. We look forward to serving you for years to come!